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Vouchers lock in fees for 1 year to avoid any fee rises in that time.

Missed group lessons can be made up almost all the time and for any reason - even for vacations. 

In 2019 we were able to make up 100% of missed lessons, but in case we ever simply can't match

the right group at the right time we can't guarantee to make up any missed lesson.

Solo lessons can also be made up but must be made up at a group lesson under the same rules.

Vouchers are not refundable but can be swapped for other suitable and available lessons at the school.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year but can be extended to 2 years in some cases and they will also reflect any fee changes.

Some vouchers include free extras like free hire instruments and extra free bonus classes.

• Bonus lessons can be used with any suitable and available group apart from your regular lesson. With groups running every day we can almost always find a suitable group at the right time for you, but can’t guarantee to match your schedule.

Hire instruments are made available to collect from the school and must be returned to the school in the same condition without damage. Although wear and tear is expected in most hire products, musical instruments by nature need to

be cared for, treated as delicate, and kept in conditions where they are highly unlikely to endure wear and tear.

Please see musical instrument hire terms and conditions if and when you receive a musical instrument.

Free extra classes are group classes and free workshops must be appropriate for the student wishing to access them.

There are many group and workshop options so it is unlikely that we will not be able to fit you in a group or workshop

but if a suitable group or workshop doesn't exist at the time you are seeking then we can not refund any fees.

In some cases however can can extend the free extra group lesson or workshop option

past the use by date of the voucher and until we can find a suitable option for you.

A voucher value can be used for any available service at the school so if you buy solo classes but want group classes 

you can swap across. Please note however that we can not predict when a vacancy will occur, although with several locations and teachers it is likely that we will find a close match for your day and time request, but not guaranteed.

Group sessions are also fairly easy to fill, but it is always important to be in the right group so we

can't guarantee that the exact time and day you want will also match the appropriate group.

Adults can of course use group lessons but unlike school children who tend to learn after school and are easy to place into appropriate groups, adults tend to want lessons at variant times so it's not always easy to find a compatible adult with the same logistic schedule. For this reason it works well if adults come with another adult and there have been many adults who have come as two friends or relatives. Adults also come along with their children sometimes and it is possible to deliver the curriculum to both ages in this circumstance because they can obviously go home and revise the material.

In some ways this tends toward teaching the adult to teach their child.

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