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SMALL GROUP TEAMS - 2 to 6 students

Our small group format is more effective than solo lessons because of our integrated systems:

The Rockumations Audio Visual System delivering The 4 Score Poly Instrumental System, so all musicians

can be working on the same instrument (say all on keyboards or all on drums etc) or can move to different

instruments (one on keyboard, one on drums, one on guitar, one on vocals etc). Click here to read more about 4 Score.

We keep numbers small so every group is a team and a music lab, and every student has an important role.

This approach enables individual attention, but also creates camaraderie and fun to enhance learning.

Skill levels can vary as more experienced players take complex roles and newer players take the easy parts.


GROUP LESSON FEES: $250.00 for 10 x 30 minutes sessions

Please see Fees and Policies for more details

Maroubra Music School Students in Class

Some of the students in solo, group and band lessons in a classroom / music lab setting.

Maroubra Music School Students

Maroubra Music School Students

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Rockumations training system

This demo is the system being used in performance band mode. Study mode is a more traditional format.